Krystal Seal Self-Sealing Art, Print & Photo Bags, 25-Pack
Krystal Seal Self-Sealing Art, Print & Photo Bags, 25-Pack
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    Krystal Seal Self-Sealing Art, Print & Photo Bags, 25-Pack


    In the past, protecting your art was a time consuming and cumbersome project. Now all you have to do is slip your art into these bags and fold over the flap which has a resealable adhesive strip on it. In just seconds your art is placed in a safe environment and can be stored in storage box, flatfile, portfolio or print rack! 

    These bags will accept matted and mounted artwork as well. The size range was developed after long investigation. The range includes all traditional and modern sizes including printmaking, drawing and watercolor sizes and the ever increasingly important sizes for ink jet printing. Since artists and photographers share many similar popular sizes, KrystalSeal Bags are perfect for photographers as well.  

    These bags eliminate the need for shrink wrapping and covering with acetate film and are far more useful. While presenting your art at shows or in the studio, the art can be removed for viewing and then placed back in the bag and resealed, allowing for repeated access while keeping out dust and dirt. 

    Bags are made to fit the sizes indicated below, and have a 1/8" tolerance for the Trading Card Packs, ¼" tolerance on both sides up to 13×19", and a ½" tolerance for sizes 16×20" and larger. Compared to all other available means to protect your artwork, Krystal Seal Bags are the most economical and may be purchased in 25 packs. 

    • Archival and crystal clear
    • Provides a professional finish for your presentations
    • Accepts mounted and matted work
    • May easily be resealed
    • Perfect for home, gallery and Trade Shows