Simply Simmons XL  Brushes
Simply Simmons XL  Brushes
Simply Simmons XL  Brushes

    Simply Simmons XL Brushes

    $16.77 $27.95

    A versatile range of large brushes offered at an economical value. The line includes Soft Synthetic Gold bristles for fluid water based paints, Stiff Synthetic Burgundy bristles for heavy body color and Natural Bristle for oil, acrylics, gesso and varnish. Great for painting on large canvases and outdoor murals.

    Simply Simmons is a line of quality brushes for students, amateurs and professionals made in the Daler-Rowney factory in the Dominican Republic. The name Simply Simmons comes from the original brand Robert Simmons, offering superior quality at a single price point. Available in Soft Synthetic or Stiff Synthetic, which features golden synthetic hair for use with water-based and fluid paints. Also in Natural Hog Bristle, ideal for use with oils.

    • Filberts: Create a softer edge than a flat or bright.
    • Flats: Longer hairs than a bright, this brush has more flex and a large color carrying capability.
    • Rounds: Smaller sizes are typically used for detail work and larger sizes tend to be used for washes and filling in color.