Watercolor Painting (Advanced)

    Watercolor Painting (Advanced)


    Are you interested in enhancing your skills with watercolors? This class may be for you!

    In this class, you will be part of a 90 minute live stream class to learn and work in real-time with Waco native artist, Cade Kegerreis.

    Topics this class will cover:

    • an overview of using watercolors
    • composition
    • painting a landscape with watercolors 
    • atmospheric perspective

    Recommended materials:

    • Mixed-media paper / Watercolor paper
    • Pencil + eraser
    • Watercolor set
    • Paper towels
    • Cup/Bowl of water
    • Brushes for watercolor painting

    About the instructor: 

    "I have been drawn to creating for as long as I can remember. From lego stop motion videos, to selling splatter paintings on my childhood street corner, creation became my passion. The years of practice allowed me to continue art in college at Baylor University, and I am now freelancing full time. In the two years since graduation I have experimented in the creative fields trying to find my niche, and think I have found it in solely doing commissions and taking time to work on my own pieces.

    I am currently focusing on work for my upcoming solo show, this August at Cultivate712 in Waco. The overall theme of the show is diversity, evolution, and connection. I’m really excited to share in a few months."