Golden A-Z Acrylics 14-Piece Colors & Mediums Set

    Golden A-Z Acrylics 14-Piece Colors & Mediums Set

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    This great set contains the unique properties of Golden's Heavy Body Acrylics, Fluid Acrylics, High Flow Acrylics and OPEN Acrylics as well as a range of pastes, gels and mediums, and even self-guided exercises. Each comprehensive lesson utilizes the materials in the set while providing artists with an understanding of the materials and a foundation for inspiring the artist's own creative process. This set includes 14 products in 1/2oz., 1oz. and 2oz. samples of Golden's High Flow, Heavy Body, Fluid and Open Acrylics as well as complementary gels, pastes and mediums and an instruction guide to acrylic painting. Perfect for beginners!

    Key Features:
    • All inclusive sets include different styles of acrylic paint and mediums
    • Helpful instruction guide
    • Fundamental acrylic exercises
    Perfect For:
    • Artists of any skill level
    • Understanding the fundamentals of acrylic painting
    • Mixed Media Artists