Laguna Clay Gold Luster Overglaze

    Laguna Clay Gold Luster Overglaze


    Laguna lusters are an over glaze product for adding fired on precious metal decoration to already glazed pieces or glass.

    Laguna offers high quality European metallic lusters available in two popular colors. The 8% concentration of metal exceeds most other products on the market and provides excellent coverage and brilliant results.

    Opaque - Firing range: Cone 022 to 015. Test for optimal results.

    We recommend a dedicated brush for metallic luster. Apply with a very clean brush over a smooth glaze fired to maturity (for high shine apply over high gloss glaze) observing health precautions as noted on product package.
    Mineral spirits are recommended for brush clean up.

    Luster application is a skill technique. As with any product - test, test, test before applying to a masterpiece.